Special Materials for components

Oil & Gas, Chemical processing Industry

  • We are one of the leading partners to the oil & gas and chemical processing industry globally! Our products and services supplied via our leading brand Böhler can be found in every field of oil and gas production and processing from upstream processes in which petroleum compounds are explored to downstream activities in which extracted oil and gas is processed, cracked or transformed as a feedstock. You will also find our products and services in midstream technologies used in the transport of hydrocarbons.If you are interested in more details on applications, services and materials please click on the link! Products for Oil & Gas applications follow the link here:

Aerospace Industry

  • Böhler [Country] provides the aerospace industry with the steels that it needs, combining maximum strength and high corrosion resistance with the least possible weight. We supply in any desired alloy and size. Every step from production to services and distribution is in our hands. For quality at the highest level.

Power Generation & Engineering

  • Böhler [Country] develops and supplies highly heat-resistant steels and allows that make it possible to continuously improve the efficiency of turbines for PowerGen applications. The world’s most well-known turbine builders are our customers for a reason

Automotive Components & Racing

  • Böhler [Country] is able to support you with expertise and of course the suitable product & service portfolio for various applications in the Automotive industry as well Racing applications