Surface coatings

What accounts for the perfection in the surface of a tool? Few can answer this question better than the experts at voestalpine Eifeler Coating. Because the company has been involved in the coating of surfaces since 1983 not only at the highest level of excellence – but has also set new benchmarks continuously in research and development.

Thus it is no surprise that eifeler technology today is synonymous with high tech and premium products. But the eifeler brand is known for more than just quality and innovation – the corporate group‘s comprehensive array of products and services offers customers a whole host of advantages. Because eifeler fully covers the complete finishing value chain of high-performance tools, from polishing right through to PVD and CVD coating. Since 2013, „everything from a single source“ also means the option of relying on leading quality tool steel from the voestalpine Special Steel Division.

And here‘s another advantage: Industrial metalworking firms can always find eifeler nearby. The reason for this is a strong customer-focused practice of setting up locations that enable eifeler to keep its promise: „We are there wherever you need us!“

Our product & service portfolio:

  • CVD layer system
    = Chemical Vapor Deposition , the deposition of hard-material layers in a chemical gas-phase process. At temperatures of approx. 1000°C, the gaseous-layer components surround the tool and react with elements from the tool surface to form a layer with a very high level of adhesion!The layer systems (TiC, TiN/TiC or TiC/TiN) are build with a layer thickness of 7 – 10 µm. Due to the very good adhesion with simultaneous very high hardness, these layers are also designated as heavy-load capable! As a result of the chemical process, the coating of bores and undercuts is also possible reproducibly!
  • PVD coatings
    Whether it be cutting, forming or machining – tools in the metalworking industry are unthinkable without eifeler PVD hard material coatings. And that is no coincidence, after all they offer a whole array of invaluable characteristics. For example, they provide perfect protection from abrasion, oxidation, corrosion and adhesion. At the same time, the high-performance coatings enhance productivity. Because intact tools increase the reliability of machinery and thus guarantee smooth routines in production.
  • Laser technology
    Laser-hardening or laser cladding of surfaces with the force of the bundled ray of light. The innovative laser hardening technology has displaced inductive hardening or flame-hardening from many applications. The special laser hardening technology offers extensive advantages in application: In particular such zones, where wear threatens fastly, can be hardened with innovative laser hardening precisely and contour-exact. An important reason is the extremely high speed of the heat introduction with almost simultaneous self-quenching during laser hardening.
  • Coating machines
    At its Duesseldorf site eifeler-Vacotec develops and builds ambitious and innovative vacuum special systems for the international market.Thanks to its more than 25 years of experience in the area of vacuum technology, eifeler-Vacotec GmbH has acquired a considerable level of know-how which is integrated into the design and the construction of the latest generation of systems.
  • Vacuum hardening
    As an experienced tool coater with PVD and CVD hard coatings, we additionally offer you the service of vacuum hardening. voestalpine Eifeler Coating operates state-of-the-art vacuum heat-treatment systems of the companies Schmetz and T.A.V, because the exact hardening is a prerequisite for the optimal quality of tool coatings.